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Scientific Difficulties of the Evolution Theory
Written by Arnold Schnabel   

                                              SCIENTIFIC DIFFICULTIES OF THE EVOLUTION THEORY

                                                           Anthropology (Study of Man’s Ancestors)



QUESTION:  Have not “modern” human remains been found fossilized in ancient strata?


FACT 1:  Human remains of a modern man, a woman, and two children were found at Castenedolo, Italy, by Professor Ragazzoni.  These were found while digging for mollusks in a Pliocene strata (15 million years old as dated by evolutionists).  “As the student of prehistoric man reads and studies the records of the ‘Castenedolo’ find, a feeling of incredulity rises within him.  He cannot reject the discovery as false without doing injury to his sense of truth, and he cannot accept it without shattering his accepted beliefs.  It is clear that we cannot pass Castenedolo by in silence:  all the modern problems relating to the origin and antiquity of modern man focus themselves around it.”12


FACT 2:  The Calaveras Skull found in Calaveras County, California was taken from a tunnel dug 150 feet underground below 100 feet of solid Sierra lava flow.  With the skull were found man-made stone implements and some extinct fossils of the early Pliocene strata (15 million years old as dated by evolutionists).  As Professor W. H. Holmes put it:  “To suppose that man could have remained unchanged physically, mentally, socially, industrially and aesthetically for a million years, roughly speaking (and all this implied by the evidence furnished), seems in the present state of our knowledge hardly less than admitting a miracle.”13


FACT 3:  Many fossil human footprints have been found in supposedly old formations.  Among them is a pair of human sandal prints found in 1969 at Antelope Springs, Utah, in Cambrian rock (400 million years old as dated by evolutionists) along with fossil trilobites, one in the heel of the left print.  Another discovery is the several dozen human footprints found among dinosaur prints along the Paluxy River at Glen Rose, Texas.  Both are in cretaceous rock (about 100 million years old as dated by evolutionists).



12.    Sir Arthur Keith, The Antiquity of Man, p.119.

13.    Dr. Douglas Dewar, The Transformist Illusion, Dehoff Publications, 1957.




Above excerpt taken from:

Has God Spoken by Arnold O. Schnabel, 5th Edition; A. O. Schnabel, Publisher, 2004; pages 150-151.

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