...The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." ~ Psalm 14:1
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We all use the evidence we see around us daily to shape the way we think about life.  Some common examples of this are:


1.  The dog got into the garbage:  We don’t see the dog or the act, but we see the can tipped over, and the garbage strewn about and the dog was the only one in the kitchen.

2.  There is an accident on the highway ahead of us:  We can’t see an accident, and we didn’t witness one, but traffic on our side of the road is at a standstill, and we haven’t seen any signs indicating a road work zone is ahead.

3. You have gained weight (and you really DIDN’T see this one!):  The clothing that you have worn successfully for the past couple of years all seems to be too small and too tight for you now.


There IS evidence for God all around you – you see it daily, you use it, and you depend upon it.  BUT, because “science” has “proven” that the earth was created from something like a “big bang”, that it has been changing and evolving over millions of years, and all life forms that we have today have come from the process of evolution, what we see around us is no longer considered evidence that God Is but, instead, evidence that our world and our lives are the result of a catastrophic event that occurred billions of years ago, and then the slow change of evolution happened over millions of years producing the diversity of life that we see.  Without investigating on our own, we have allowed others to convince us that what we see is because of something other than God.  We take the evidence that used to confirm God, and now attribute it to something else.


But is this right?  Is what we see evidence for what “scientists” today call the “big bang” and evolution?  Just exactly what is the evidence for these things?


Have YOU ever seen any evidence for these things?  Stop, and think carefully…. There is always talk about it; you can read about it in the textbooks, scientific journals, and newspapers, often with a picture or “artist’s rendition” alongside to help explain.  You can search the Internet for it, hear stories about it on the network news, and see the plaques posted at the National Parks.  But have you really seen any evidence yourself?  Probably not first hand, because the general public isn’t “smart” enough to properly interpret the evidence (and yet how many times have you heard that what had been “proven” in the past is now being corrected based upon new evidence?).  Such “evidence” is available only to a very small handful of “scientists” (and this group is getting smaller, being policed to keep out any who might upend the apple cart).  Consider checking out the DVD Ben Stein's "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed."


Historically, the discipline of science required that any “proven” hypothesis must be readily observed and replicated by others so that all can observe the consistent outcomes.  In this way, all of the knowledge that is gained from the initial investigation can be confirmed again and again, as others work to build upon a discovery that is based on truth.  And, historically, “scientists” were required to set aside any preconceived, unproven notions or beliefs while following the thread of the investigation to uncover the truth, so as to not make a mistake interpreting the evidence discovered from the investigation (which would be very costly in terms of time, money, and ego!).  However, most “scientists” today approach EVERY investigation FROM THE VERY START with the attitude that, no matter what they find, they simply cannot entertain ANY possibility of DESIGN, a designer, or a creator.  “Science” is “above” any such idea, and the word of the “scientist” is NOT to be challenged.


So, today we are told there is evidence for a “big bang”, for an old earth, for life forms evolving.  We are told OVER and OVER again, directly and indirectly, in all aspects of our daily lives.  And SURELY this wouldn’t happen if it weren’t true.  Or would it?  Could it???  Are there any well-known, credible scientists who have compared the evidence and are NOT convinced that the big bang, an old earth, and evolution are the correct conclusions?


Remember the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?  The Emperor really didn’t have any new clothes on, but everyone was too timid, or too afraid of the Emperor, to tell the truth.  It was easier to “go along with the lie” than to disturb everything by pointing out the observable fact that the Emperor really wasn’t wearing any new clothes.


I ask again, have YOU seen any of the evidence for a “big bang”, an old earth, and evolution?  What do YOU observe when there is an “accident”, and an unintended, random event occurs?  You likely see a mess and chaos – not the beginning of design and order.  And what do YOU observe when “things” are allowed to “react naturally” over a long period of time?  You likely see the decay and destruction of those things – not the improvement, through change, as time continues to pass.  Explain how, then, out of a random event and billions of years, are we supposed to get caterpillars that turn into butterflies?


And if you think you really have observed, first hand, some evidence that might support a “big bang”, an old earth, or evolution, how does this evidence stack up against the evidence for God that you see every single day:  The stars at night, the globe that sits on your desk that represents the earth, the blood  that appears when you cut yourself?  Is the best explanation for all of this simply that it “just happened”, by accident, and over billions of years?


If you are ready to challenge the way you have been taught to think, and you are ready to think for yourself, we hope you will find some food for thought here.


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