...The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." ~ Psalm 14:1
Do any of these links look like they will be helpful in your continued search for evidence that GOD IS?
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These links have been provided to lead you to other resources in your inquiry to know that GOD IS. We hope that they are helpful to you; however, we do not necessarily endorse all that may be found on these links.

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1 E-Sword
E-Sword is a free Bible software download with several translations, commentaries, and other resources.
2 Think Magazine
A magazine that provides reasonable answers for those who are seeking the truth. Many topics are covered; of particular interest to know that GOD IS are the articles regarding Archaeology and the Bible, Darwinism, evolution, etc.
3 Has God Spoken?
A book written by an engineer that contains documented scientific and historical evidence that God has spoken, and that His Word, as recorded in the scriptures, is true. This book shows how specific Biblical statements, recorded by the writers of the scriptures, predate only recent major scientific discoveries, and also presents recent scientific research studies that supports the evidence that the Earth is young and harmonizes with the Genesis account.
4 Answering the Atheist
Multiple articles systematically refuting the atheists' attacks on God's existence.
5 Apologetics Press
Books, magazines, and study items for all ages with a focus on scientific accuracy and how the evidence points to God's existence.
6 Ben Stein's "Expelled-No Intelligence Allowed"
DVD; Ben follows the evidence that scientists, researchers, educators, and journalists are being persecuted when their work brings them to something other than a Darwinian conclusion. Therefore, Ben concludes, our freedom to investigate and debate the evidence is slowly being taken from us.
7 Answers in Genesis
AiG's focus is primarily to provide answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis, using the same evidence that is available to those believing in evolutionary and "old world" theory.
8 The Creation Museum
A museum dedicated to helping people grasp how the scientific evidence we have discovered matches the Bible we have been given. The museum is located seven miles west of the Cincinnati Airport in Petersburg, KY.
9 Don Patton
Don is a geologist who has participated in many dinosaur excavations and has seen the evidence for the co-existence of humans and dinosaurs. He can also expose errors in reasoning when the evidence is used to support evolutionary and "old earth" theory.
10 The Discovery Institute
This Center for Science and Culture has become a supporter of the theory of intelligent design, recognizing that certain features of the universe are best explained by an intelligent cause, and not an undirected process such natural selection/evolution.
11 Institute For Creation Research
This group provides evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations. ICR also has degree programs in Science Education including general science, astro/geophysics, biology, and geology. Of particular interest to know that GOD IS is the "Get the Evidence" section of the website.
12 Center for Scientific Creation
"In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood" - an online book. For much of his life the author was an evolutionist, but after years of study, he became convinced of the scientific validity of creation and a global flood. He has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from MIT.
13 Chinese Character Language
Chinese Character Studies: The Genesis Echo by William J. Stewart

A series of PDF files documenting how the original characters created by the Chinese people for their first written language are parallel to the history of beginnings recorded in Genesis, even though the language was created BEFORE the Genesis account was written down by Moses through God's inspiration (and so could not have been created based upon something already written).
14 The Ordinary Store
Purchase t-shirts with the "know that GOD IS" logo!
15 Rieber Tracts
These are small, pocket-sized tracts on a variety of basic Bible subjects that have been made into a slideshow so they can be read online. If you are not familiar with some of the basic teachings of the Bible, these tracts are a good place to start. If you know your Bible well, and seek to teach others what you have learned, these tracts can be purchased for distribution or you can refer folks to the online version.
16 Basic Bible References
This link has Bible scripture references for a variety of basic Bible topics. While it should not take the place of general Bible reading and focused Bible study, it is a helpful tool if you are beginning your journey through God’s Word and want a quick reference to a topic you may have a question about. It is also helpful if you know your Bible well but cannot always remember where some of the references are located that come to your memory. These references used to be available on a Bible-sized, laminated card, and might still be – but KTGI has not been able to determine if they still are.